Ecosystems Northwest is an ecological consulting firm that performs scientific studies, field surveys, data analyses, and scientific editing services.


  • soils and carbon cycling/sequestration (Carbon Budget poster) (Carbon budget publication)
  • carbon offsets for forestry projects
  • climate change plans for communities
  • aquatic ecology of salmonids and streams of the Pacific Northwest
  • science-based application of ecological principles to management problems
  • environmental assessments for permitting, wetlands, sensitive species
  • editing scientific manuscripts for non-English writers (Editing page)


  • Lead verifier for forest carbon offset protocols by the California Air Resources Board
  • Senior ecologist by the Ecological Society of America
  • Wetlands delineation per Section 404
  • Scientific collection permits for listed fish.

Company Background

Ecosystems Northwest was established in 1994 in Corvallis, Oregon and was moved to Mount Shasta, California in 1999. Kim Gerard Mattson has a Ph.D. in ecology and has performed basic research on forests, soils, and ecosystems. Mattson formed Ecosystems Northwest in order to satisfy his desire to work independently on applied problems. Ecosystems Northwest employs surveyor/scientists on a project-by-project basis.

Kim Mattson, ecologist and owner:

“Ecosystems Northwest can bring in the best options to help you craft your environmental solutions. ”

Mattson CV

Contact Information

Ecosystems Northwest
189 Shasta Av, Mount Shasta, CA 96067
Email: [email protected]