Data Management and Programming

Examples of Data Management and Programming

Parameterization and runs of EDT fish habitat model 
Parameterized and ran EDT (Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment) fish habitat model for the Shasta River.  

Data entry to GIS and development of ORACLE data tables
Entered forest roads and attributes to the roads layer of the GIS layers of the Siuslaw National Forest and created an ORACLE data table for culvert inventories. Entered culvert assessment forms into the ORACLE databases.

HEIwest elk habitat model and ARP forest hydrologic model
Parameterized and ran HEIwest model to evaluate conditions of elk habitat in the Quartz Creek watershed of the Blue River Ranger District, Willamette National Forest. The model evaluates condition based on size, spacing, and types of forest cover, edge habitat, and road density. Also parameterized and ran the Aggregate Recovery Program (ARP) model to evaluate degree of hydrologic recovery of forest cover in Quartz Creek watershed.

Summaries of stream habitat data
Wrote and ran programs in SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) to create summaries of Level II stream habitat data similar to SMART summaries used by Willamette National Forest.

Map generation using GIS
Maps have been produced as part of four watershed analyses. Data layers are normally obtained from participating agencies and manipulated using ESRI software. New data has been edited into databases to create new layers.

Other models
Models can be used as existing versions of soil carbon simulation (ROTHC or CENTURY) or can be designed as user-friendly gaming simulators for western forests to see how carbon is stored.