Written Syntheses

Examples of written syntheses

Fisheries and Wetland Assessment 
Summarized the current and historical conditions for fish and habitat as part of the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Assessment.  Focus was on whether the lower portions of the river provided historical habitat for listed Upper Willamette spring Chinook and the role of the dams in habitat modification. Reduced flood flows and bank hardening were linked to simplification of aquatic habitat.

Watershed Assessment for Rickreall Creek
Rickreall Creek is a tributary to the Willamette River. Rickreall Creek is a tributary to the Willamette River. Specific issues of this assessment were presence or absence of native steelhead, low-flow water withdrawals from Rickreall Creek, 303(d) listings and water quality, plans for enlargement of a municipal reservoir, agricultural and forested land use, and projected population growth. Process included literature research, preparation of a 160-page written document with GIS analyses, and presentations to the public.

Marys River Watershed Assessment 
Project included a scoping of a wide range of issues, prioritization of issues, and recommendations for watershed restoration efforts. Process included literature research, public meetings, and preparation of a 150-page written document with GIS analyses. In addition to the recommend stream and channel issues, the analysis included historical, forestry, agricultural, and economic/social issues.PDF download available.

Watershed analysis of the Quartz Creek watershed
Performed a comprehensive watershed analysis according to the Northwest Forest Plan for the Willamette National Forest, 1998. The analysis was written up in a 126-page report. The analysis included an evaluation of geomorphic, aquatic, terrestrial, and social issues, the creation of a new vegetation layer to the GIS based on aerial photos, and results of computer simulations.

Watershed analysis of the Mercer/Berry watershed
Performed  a comprehensive watershed analysis according to the Northwest Forest Plan for the Siuslaw National Forest, 1996. The analysis was written up in a 133-page report; the findings were also reported in a formal presentation to the Forest Service. The analysis included an evaluation of fish habitat based on previous habitat surveys and additional field assessments, creation of a new vegetation layer to the GIS based on 1995 aerial photos, assessment of habitat for sensitive wildlife and plant species. The final report included a series of management opportunities to implement the Northwest Forest Plan.

Breitenbush Basin 1996 Flood Effects Report
Prepared a 94-page document for the Willamette National Forest based on re-surveys of 11 streams in the Breitenbush Drainage. Purpose of the surveys was to assess the effects of the 1996 flood on fish habitat and channel condition. Surveys included Hankin and Reeves surveys and synoptic surveys.

Other written products
Most of our projects involve written reports. For example over 90 stream survey reports have been prepared. The Level II stream surveys reports are typically 25 pages of text, tables, figures, color photos and appendices. All upper extent fish use findings have a two-page report with photographs. Most of the surveys have had detailed reports prepared for them.